地球上で最も黒い物質のひとつ “ZENBLACK”。


Black on a molecular level.
One of the blackest substances on Earth, “ZENBLACK.”

The profound color, black, has been fascinating humans since ancient times. Rather than simply as a color, black can be thought of as the optical property of as how much light can be subtracted into nothingness. Asian sensibilities are packed within this idea of “nothingness.” Through Japan’s nanotechnologies, a black far blacker than the norm —one of the blackest substances on the face of the Earth—has been realized here. Mirroring the spirit and aesthetic of Japanese “Zen,” we call this pure and profound black, “ZENBLACK.”


自远古伊始, 黑色这种深邃的颜色就使这世间的人们为之倾倒。与其说黑色是一种颜色, 不如称之为一种可以将光的色彩虚无化的光学性状态。在这种“无”的状态之下, 仿佛四处都可以体会到来自东方的专属感性。现如今, 在高科技的发展下, 人类实现了一种远远凌驾于普通黑色之上的“漆黑”, 可谓是地球上最为深邃的物质之一。通过这种深邃的“漆黑”模拟“禅”的宗教精神和艺术意识, 被称之为ZENBLACK。

トーヨーカラー株式会社は、東洋インキグループにおける色材・機能材関連事業を担う事業会社として、2012年4月にスタートしました。 私たちは、色材のリーディングカンパニーとして、東洋インキグループのコア素材である有機顔料やプラスチック着色剤などの製品群を通じて、世界20ヶ所を超える製造拠点から世界中の人々の生活に彩りを提供してまいりました。
現代社会は経済発展に伴い、解決すべき社会的課題をたくさん抱えています。 私たちトーヨーカラーは、世界の人々の生活文化に彩りを与えることに留まらず、更なる技術進化にチャレンジし、社会的課題の解決に貢献できるイノベーティブな製品開発を積極的に進めてまいります。
Toyocolor Co., Ltd. made its start in April 2012 as an operating company that handles the Colorants and Functional Materials related business of the Toyo Ink Group. As a leading colorants company, we have been providing colors to help enrich the lives of people around the world from more than 20 manufacturing bases in different countries. We offer a broad family of products, including the organic pigments and plastic colorants that are the core materials of the Toyo Ink Group.
Our products satisfy the needs of the times and the diverse demands of consumers. To ensure than our products canfulfill these objectives, we work to continuously further the evolution of our material and process technologies. At the same time, we are expanding our business domains from the area of colorants to electronics, displays, and energy through the development of these products.
In addition to economic development, modern society faces a number of social challenges that need to be solved. As we look to add colors that enrich the lifestyle of people around the world, Toyocolor will also actively promote the development of innovative products that help solve these social issues by furthe pushing the bounds of technological evolution.

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